Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Mommy & Daddy

The little prints of my hands and feet leave behind something dear and sweet.  A doughful  impression for you to keep . A cherished memory of my hands and feet.  xoxoxox Love Sterling
Thumbs up Mom and Dad....I got this!

These are my hands
at 8 months old.

The ones you love to kiss and hold.

And you will remember
when I am tall..

That once my hands
were just this small.....

When you hang this ornament year to year

Hope it brings you a smile from ear to ear

This handprint will help you remember

How small I was 2014 in the month of December.

Two little feet
with ten tiny toes
isn't it strange
how quickly time goes?

Footprints so small
but this will not last
I change each day
I'll grow so fast.

These two little footprints
will help you recall
how little I was
when my feet were so small.

                           I love you Mommy and Daddy.

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