Monday, February 22, 2016

Backpack Teddy Bear Leash

This was your daddy's teddy bear leash from when he was young...We shopped in Milwaukee alot, and I was soooo afraid he would get lost in the clothes racks that he loved to run under, or someone would abduct him..

Well now it's your turn....the sidewalks here in Theresa do not have terraces{grassy parts between the sidewalk and road} so I am terrified in a matter of 2 steps you could be on highway  175 with trucks, cars, and semi's!!

You get tired of holding my hand, and I have to keep my hands on the buggy, or your sister will roll away!!!

The way I see it , it is just another safety device. 

~socket covers to stop your  child electrocuting     ...themselves.
~bars on a crib 

~straps on high chairs and buggy’s,and strollers

~seatbelts in a car

Personally, I believe the leash is a great way to let you start to gain your independence & confidence in a controlled manner in our messed up society.Too many bad people out there...

 Gaining your legs is a big step, & learning to use them is a miracle in your eyes. If you aren't able to explore & only see things from the knees, you would miss out on so much. You love collecting sticks... and even tho it takes is an hour to walk a block, I want you to take in all the little life experiences you can.

In the beginning you were not real wild about not being able to run wherever you wanted...but after about 10 minutes you forgot all about it....sticks were most important...

O.K..I have to admit maye the puppy hat was not the best choice ...hahaha

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  1. The "hat" was the perfect choice. What is comforting to you may not be for others. But they don't matter.