Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Dear Sweet Sterling,
Congratulations! You’ve survived an entire year with Mimi daycare. I’m not a big believer in miracles, but I think the fact that there’s been no trips to urgent care, and zero calls to child services means we are well on our way to a miracle.You have been the most healthy child, not having to go to the doctor all year. I chalk that up to your raw organic diet. No jars of baby food for you. Everything is made fresh by your mommy and me.
At any rate, you are alive and thriving! Changing every day, you continue to surprise and impress me with your sweet disposition and  spirited personality.  When I sing a song you  smile pretending to enjoy my horrendous voice. When I smother you with hugs and slobbery wet kisses, you somewhat willingly allow my nonsense. When I try to tickle you just to hear your sweet laugh and giggles, you squeal with excitement. I just wanted to say thanks for being a good grand~son and putting up with all my shenanigans.
Each day you are learning new things. Right now you are just getting the hang of walking. It’s so much fun watching you wobble around the house, falling down and getting back up again, refusing to allow gravity to win. You are also working on saying your first words, babbling all day long in your own unique baby language. One day we will speak English together, and it will be glorious. We are not doing great in the communication department but who cares? At least we smile at each other at the same time. Thanks for all the smiles beautiful baby. They really do make my heart so, so happy.
There a many things that you already do very well. You are  a master explorer. You love electrical cords, often wailing in despair when they are taken from you. You love exploring and tinkering around the house.
 I can honestly say the past year has  been the most glorious time. And I just wanted to say thanks for everything, Sterling. Thanks for sticking with me through all the difficult moments. Thanks for trusting me even when things seemed like they were heading in the wrong direction. Thanks for always loving me. Thanks for letting me be your mimi. Thanks for the most incredible year.
On a final note, I’d like to add you are incredibly persistent when it comes to wrestling during getting dressed. Thanks for teaching me perseverance. I’ve never been so determined to get clothes on a baby in my life.
You are so special. I adore you, baby boy, my prince. Happy first birthday, my precious, sweet little man.
Your Mimi

You love...
Graham crackers 
Peek a boo
Buggy rides 
To be scared
Looney Tunes

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